Joy to the World!

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“The greatest JOY is in the little things. Smiles, holding a door, thanking someone, seeing grateful looks in someone’s eyes, taking the time to be there and listen. Remember also that no matter how much you have you can always spread joy and hope and thus receive it too. Children and babies spread joy without trying. So to you today I want to send my baby’s love as well. I wish you could see the smile for you. Heather and 2 month old daughter Dawn.”
~ Heather Howe

“If we were to bring JOY to someone, we would gift homemade Christmas goodies. The warmth of sharing starts as ingredients are gathered, and culminates in the delivery of a festive tray, brought with a smile and a hug! It may start small, but joy passed on from one to another grows, and we are reminded of all that’s good in this world! Merry Christmas!”
~ Annette & Debbie

“There will always be those greater and lesser than ourselves.
The help we give one another is the community we create.
Simple acts of kindness can change the world and are guaranteed to boost the spirits of both the giver and the receiver.”
~ Lorie Ring

“I would play them Tom Jackson’s ‘Christmas in Killarney‘. This song bursts with JOY!”
Peace & JOY are gifts of soulful music!
~ Heather Gardiner

“I would ask them what their natural gifts are; the talents they are born with. I would offer my eyes to see them, my ears to hear them, my heart to embrace them and my voice to encourage them to live their gifts. They are given to us at birth to offer us the path of purpose and JOY. XO”
~ Colleen Kelba