Guest Artist

With Michif roots originating in St. Laurent, Manitoba, Andrea Menard is an accomplished Métis performer, writer and speaker, who is the founder of the Sacred Feminine Learning Lodge. She is a 5-time Gemini-nominated actress, a 16-time music award winner, and was recently named “Métis Artist of the Year” at the SS Indigenous Music Awards.

Andrea is part of a stellar ensemble cast in the hit CTV/CW series, Sullivan’s Crossing, and is known for her award-nominated work in the edgy dramatic series, Blackstone and the supernatural crime thriller, Rabbit Fall. Over her 25 year career, Andrea has written and starred in two critically acclaimed made-for-tv programs, 2 symphony pops concerts, 2 theatrical cabarets, including her latest, Rubaboo, that continues to be produced across Canada, and has released five albums. Her latest musical release, Anskoonamakew lii Shansoon is a giveaway album created to preserve the Michif language.

Andrea dedicates her life and work to empowering both the Indigenous and the Feminine voice through song, story, advocacy, training, and healing, which earned her ACTRA National’s Woman of the Year in 2021. Her TEDx Talk called Silent No More was created to help end violence against women, and her Seeds from the Sacred Feminine Wisdom Cards help raise funds for the Clan Mother’s Healing Village.

photo credit: Friday Eve Photo